What I Learned In Evangeline

This is what I Learned from being a back stage blogger for Evangeline.

I learned some facts. I learned Confederation Centre has eight entrances and everything gets shipped in in the shipping dock.

I learned a lot about jobs and working hard. Actors and directors and music directors and everybody works really hard. Acadian’s worked hard too. I learned Acadian towns had a blacksmith. Acadian’s had a hard life because the british put them on boats and sent them away from their homes and their land at Grand Pre. They had to try to find their families. They were scared except Evangeline because she just wanted to see Gabriel and she didn’t give up. She swam in the ocean and it looked like she was dead but she was not.

credit: Louise Vessey

credit: Louise Vessey

Evangeline will teach you a lot about Acadians. I learned that being an Acadian is cool. They are nice and like to sing and work hard and they don’t give up.

I loved being a backstage blogger. My favorite thing was meeting the kids in the play and hanging out backstage. They stay in the green room when they aren’t on the stage. They play chesscheckers. Micah is one of the kids in the play and he goes to my school and theatre camp and I liked getting to know him. This is us today.

Screen shot 2013-07-12 at 4.41.31 PM

Evangeline is really amazing and lots of people are liking it. I get to see the whole play soon and I’m really excited!!!!!


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lights and action!!!!

Evangeline opens tomorrow night and people from the public get to come see it. We got to go backstage and see it last night for the dress rehersal though!

We didn’t see the whole thing but everybody was in costume and the orcestra was there and it was only us and the people who work in the show. I love being a backstage blogger!!!! My mom and I hung out with the kids who are in the play too while they were in their costumes. One guy Nick has a costume like Robin Hood.

I will tell you about the show next time when you can see it too. Today I will tell you my favourite thing about going backstage and learning about plays. It is the lights because the whole play is different with the lights and they help tell the story. The best thing i saw as the full light set and the controls becase I wanted to know how they can all turn on at the same time?

Renee does lights at The Conferedaton Centre and she is very nice. Renee comes from Toronto and she has a 9 yr old boy who is having a Lego birthday party. I met her at one of our first visits and she told me there were 205 light cues which are when they change the lights and tat is one less than the bones in the human body. but then at the dress rehearsal she told me they changed that and there are 225 cues because when you are making a play you change things. There are als 70 follow spots which are like giant flashlights on people.

I saw an actor standing on the stage and he had three shadows and i asked Renee and she said it’s because there are 3 projectors working a t the same time so i siad what if there was 8 million projectors but she said there’s not enough room.

there are big lights as tall as me hanging from the ceiling with the lights that look like giant taco chips. It is computers that change colours mostly.

5 people work on the lights.

I also got to see Reza in the orchestra pit which is below the stage and in the play it looks like some actors go down there. I got to see the muskets finally!!

Everybody is nice and I hope we go back to see the whole show!!!!


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Acadian history in 3 minutes or less, by Oscar

Hi. I’ve been telling the story of Evangeline the play. Evangeline is about the Acadian deportation, which means the Acadian people were sent away from what had been their land when the British won a war a long time ago. But here’s the funny part.

The play is in English!!! What???!!!

So I made two videos telling you about what I know about the Acadian deportation. I made one in English and one in francais. The francais video is more Acadian.

Here’s the English video.

ca c’est le video francais!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Backstage at Evangeline: A “He Said/She Said” Story

Oscar’s side of the story:
This week my Mommmm and my notebook and me got to go backstage at the Confederatio n Centre.

We went in the stage door and down the stairs. We said we needed to go back stage. They told us to wait with another group of kids and my Mom thought they were a ballet class but it turned out they are the kids in the play! They play monkey in the middle at the start.

When we got inside the studio they gave us our own chairs with our names on them. I got introduced to everybody and I said HELLOOOOO!!!

The grownups are not all acting. Chris the Stage Manger sits at a table with two other people who have pens and a water bottle and a big binder and sheets of paper. One of them let me see some of the binders. Another one of them is Ted who wrote the whole show and the songs.

Annie the Director isn’t acting either. She is there to tell the people what to do. She is strict. She pays a lot of attention. Sometimes she whispers to people about how they’re supposed to do their part. She doesn’t always whisper. Sometimes she stops people because she wants them to try stuff differently. They can’t bang into each other onstage.

There was an actor who sat next to us because he wasn’t in the scene we watched. He plays an Englishman and he has a long gun called a musket because I saw a bunch of them on the floor behind me.


I wonder if they’re actually going to shoot something in the play? They haven’t let me see any fights yet.

Reza plays piano and plays all the songs while people sing. An actor plays a fiddle too and sings an Acadian song called “O Acadie you are my heart.”  There is also a blacksmith who sings a song called “I was born across the ocean”. I learned all the words while watching.

I asked my Mom if we knew the blacksmith, because he looked familiar. Mom told me he was the actor who played Matthew in Anne of Green Gables when I saw it last summer. I never knew that Matthew was a blacksmith! Actors have to be able to be in a million plays and do lots of things.

Sock Girl asked me if I could have one of the jobs getting ready for Evangeline, which one would I pick? I would pick an actor playing the blacksmith because I like hammers and I know his song already! Almost!!

Bonnie’s side of the story:
The fun thing about blogging the development of a brand new musical tour de force with a seven-year-old partner is the way this little face opens people up.

Oscar silly

We’ve been welcomed, and joked with, and made to feel a part of things, to the extent that I’m not sure Oscar realizes how rare it is for somebody who’s not IN a show to get to see what we’re seeing.

And what we’re seeing is cool.

I hadn’t been backstage at Confederation Centre since I was in a Colonel Gray musical in 1989. The rehearsal studio – site of vague and slightly traumatic memories of my (very) brief ballet career at the age of five – now goes by the title of the Elizabeth Mawson Rehearsal Studio, which made me beam. Elizabeth Mawson played Marilla in Anne of Green Gables for more than three decades: I watched her nearly every summer of those years. She was the consummate Marilla, for me, and a huge part of the magic of mainstage: the grandeur of a very human story come to life.

That grandeur and humanity and magic seem pretty evident in Evangeline, already, even before the lights and the costumes help transport us all to the world of Acadie.

When you see a rehearsal, you’re not seeing a packaged product but the raw material from which it’s made. And Evangeline has some pretty amazing raw material. It’s a big cast, all ages, and when they open up their voices for the big numbers, the wall of sound makes the room ring.

They look the part too: the casting for the show feels absolutely brilliant. Chilina Kennedy, a New Brunswick native and former Anne of Green Gables, will originate the role of Evangeline. Adam Brazier, from Toronto, is Gabriel. They both shine, even in rehearsal sweatpants. The personality and camaraderie of the whole ensemble, actually, is pretty evident from the sidelines of the rehearsal studio: the lot of them would fit in quite nicely at most of the Acadian family reunions I’ve been to.

I’ve been more struck by the music than I’d expected. Like Oscar mentioned, some of the songs are catchy and keep playing in my head, over and over. Others are just plain beautiful: one duet between Gabriel & Evangeline had me in tears on first hearing and brought the rest of the cast to their feet, clapping. Gabriel then turned to Oscar and asked, “was that okay, buddy?” Oscar froze and shrugged his shoulders. Apparently we need to work on teaching our young theatre critic more overt and in-the-moment forms of, erm, appreciation.  😉

I predict a very successful CD of the music from Evangeline, if Confederation Centre chooses to release one. Seriously. You want to hear this stuff.

From where Oscar and I sit, Evangeline is shaping up to be every bit as much a cultural classic as Anne has been for nearly fifty years. Lucky Charlottetown.

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Evangeline – How a Play Gets Made

I live in Charlottetown pei.

One of the best things about Charlottetown is the Confederation Centre of the arts which has Anne of Green Gables and a library and the art bunker for classes and a moose sculpture and a totem pole and tons of flags.

confed centre

The theatre at Confederation Centre is called the Charlottetown Festival. This summer they are putting on a brand new play. It will be a musical called Evangeline, which is a famous Acadian story. I am Acadian and I go to Ecole Francois Buote.

Evangeline is a really old poem. It is about the deportation of the Acadians which is when the Acadians were sent away from the Maritimes by the English in the 1750s. They were tooken away because they were living on English land after the English won the land from France and they refused to fight for the English. They didn’t want to fight the French.


This month, Confederation Centre is letting me go backstage to see how the play gets made. I have been in a play before but never one this big.

This is what I know about how a play gets made. You need lots of things.

  1. actors – these are the people who will play the characters in your show.
  2. director – this is the person who makes sure that everything is going smoothly and is the boss of the play.
  3. stage managers – these people who organize the stuff on stage.
  4. props – these are thing that the actors use on stage to hold so everything looks real.
  5. sets – these are the backgrounds for the show, like pictures of houses or boats, so the place where your story happens looks real.
  6. costumes – these are the clothes that the actors put on. If your play is about zombies, the costumes will be ripped clothes. If your play is about a fancy king, your costumes will be made of silk. If your play is in olden times, the costumes will be old-fashioned.

This is the set for the Acadian cabin.

Screen shot 2013-06-02 at 10.06.59 PM

I went to Confederation Centre with my mom and we got to meet the director, Annie, and the stage manager Chris because you need a stage manager too when your play is really big. And we met Reza who plays piano and we met Adam who plays Gabriel who is the main guy who Evangeline loves. He is very tall.

We also got to see them making an anvil for props because there is a blacksmith in the play.

And we met ladies who sew costumes and one of them is Acadian. The costumes are mostly old-fashioned and plain colours because it is an old fashioned play. The British wear red, though. And they have muskets for props. The costumes are made on fake bodies called Judys and Jimys.

Here is the costume of a character named Rene. My grandpapa’s name is Rene too.

Screen shot 2013-06-02 at 10.08.58 PM

So I get to go see them practice and develop the play and we’ll tell you more in the next post. My mom and I will be sharing writing our next post and telling the different things we notice backstage.

Leave comments whenever you want to ask us questions about the play or tell us what you want to know about Evangeline.

Bye bye! See you soon in the next post!


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Free museum of Rocks and Fossils

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fossil finds

These are some of my fossil collection. i took most of the pictures. I have lots of them.

These feather fossils probably belonged to a velociraptor .


Slender high spired shells called turritella are inside these rocks. Today these ancient creatures are still alive. I have never seen 1.


this cast of a trilobite skeleton is 2000000 years old!!!!!!!!!


This is petrified wood. there are 2 different kinds of wood here cycad and conifer the cycad is light and the conifer is dark.


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Learning About Minecraft with Oscar, Video #1

Oscar loves Minecraft. A lot. Here’s a bit about why.

Do you like Minecraft? If you want to talk about it in the comments or leave a link here to a video or post of what you like, let me know.


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24 scenes sur les aventures de L’extraterrestre

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moi je suis dans l’espace! avec mon ami Thomas.

et on et dans une machine.

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