lights and action!!!!

Evangeline opens tomorrow night and people from the public get to come see it. We got to go backstage and see it last night for the dress rehersal though!

We didn’t see the whole thing but everybody was in costume and the orcestra was there and it was only us and the people who work in the show. I love being a backstage blogger!!!! My mom and I hung out with the kids who are in the play too while they were in their costumes. One guy Nick has a costume like Robin Hood.

I will tell you about the show next time when you can see it too. Today I will tell you my favourite thing about going backstage and learning about plays. It is the lights because the whole play is different with the lights and they help tell the story. The best thing i saw as the full light set and the controls becase I wanted to know how they can all turn on at the same time?

Renee does lights at The Conferedaton Centre and she is very nice. Renee comes from Toronto and she has a 9 yr old boy who is having a Lego birthday party. I met her at one of our first visits and she told me there were 205 light cues which are when they change the lights and tat is one less than the bones in the human body. but then at the dress rehearsal she told me they changed that and there are 225 cues because when you are making a play you change things. There are als 70 follow spots which are like giant flashlights on people.

I saw an actor standing on the stage and he had three shadows and i asked Renee and she said it’s because there are 3 projectors working a t the same time so i siad what if there was 8 million projectors but she said there’s not enough room.

there are big lights as tall as me hanging from the ceiling with the lights that look like giant taco chips. It is computers that change colours mostly.

5 people work on the lights.

I also got to see Reza in the orchestra pit which is below the stage and in the play it looks like some actors go down there. I got to see the muskets finally!!

Everybody is nice and I hope we go back to see the whole show!!!!


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4 Responses to lights and action!!!!

  1. Laurie says:

    You have wonderful storytelling ability. You keep us in suspense about the play itself and so keep us eager to go and see it. However, you take the opportunity to spin an interesting tale about the stage lighting and costumes – details that the ordinary playgoer rarely considers and rarely has the opportunity to observe firsthand. You are using your position as backstage blogger to bring whole new aspects of the stage experience to life. Thank you.

  2. Sock Girl says:

    Wow, Oscar! That all sounds so exciting, and I learned so much! I never imagined that doing all the lights was so complicated (or that I had more than 200 bones)! I wonder how they learn all that lighting stuff?

    It is very cool that you got to finally see the muskets. You have made me very excited about this play! And lego birthday parties. I think I would like to do both those things 🙂

  3. Theresa Cormier says:

    Hi Oscar, thanks again for explaining all the backstage happenings that most people don’t see. Now because of your post we can experience it like you and your Mom. Looking forward to your visit so you can tell us more!! Give our love to your family!! x0x0

  4. Kimberly Davey says:

    Hey Oscar. I just wanted to let you know that I love reading your thoughts and takes on the making of Evangeline. Lots of Love.

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