24 scenes sur les aventures de L’extraterrestre

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5 Responses to L’extraterrestre

  1. Theresa Cormier says:

    What a great book Oscar!! I loved the fact that they helped each other !! Bravo Oscar they Grandparents sont fiers the toi!

  2. Barbara says:

    Hello Oscar,

    I work at a college in the United States and help language teachers and students do projects just like this. I think your drawings and your French narration were better than some of the things created by our college students! Bravo!


  3. Click says:

    no comprende….je n’pas parle francios……

  4. Nannie says:

    Click I didn’t get most of it either…but Oscar I love the drawings. Great job!

  5. Sarah-Jane Parker says:

    Wow! Quel belle histoire Oscar. Je suis fière de ton beau travail. J’ai hâte de la faire écouter aux élèves de la classe demain. Ils vont adorer!

    Mme Sarah-Jane

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