Free museum of Rocks and Fossils

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6 Responses to Free museum of Rocks and Fossils

  1. Debbie says:

    I’ve loved rocks ever since I was little. I just loved seeing your collection. I hope you continue collecting rocks and shells from wherever you go.

  2. Misty says:

    If we were neighbours Oscar, I would come visit. I hope you get lots of visitors and have fun.

  3. Oscar, you are a great museum curator! I learned a lot from your virtual Free museum. You even helped me remember some of the names of rocks and fossils I had forgotten. Thanks for sharing with us. This is a great project. I hope you continue to grow your collection so we can keep learning from you.

  4. Sue Fisher says:

    Great museum, Oscar. Very comprehensive.

  5. Jason Hogan says:

    I once had my own collection of fossils, but I’m envious of your collection. I love your interest in sharing what you’ve got and what you know. Keep up the brilliant work!


  6. Theresa Cormier says:

    We just loved looking at your video showing your fossil collection Oscar. It looked awesome and thank-you so much for sharing it with us even if we could not be there to see it in person!! love you lots!!

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