Hi everybody I’ve just come back from Drumheller and it is amazing. Me and my mom are on a trip to Alberta and it is awesome.

We landed in Calgary after flying til almost the time I wake up at home. We rented a car and drove to the Badlands, specifically Drumheller. The first thing we did in Drumheller was the Royal Tyrrell Museum.


We saw so many fossils. We saw a Stegosaurus and a ¬†pachycephelosaurus and a fish inside of a fish (see above). And there were also cool globes that show you what the world used to look like. Then we went to our motel it was a super 8 motel it had an awesome pool with a hot tub and a waterslide. The next day we went to the world’s smallest church – it only sat 6 people!


Next I climbed a muddy hill it was very slippery.


Then we went to a fossil shop museum. They had a climbing wall, a megalodon mouth and an animatronic T Rex!


After that we went to the hoodoo’s and I climbed a huge cliff right up to the sandy part up top.


Then we went to the Atlas coal mine #3, which has North America’s only remaining wooden tipple, which is a large wooden structure with a large conveyer belt which moves the coal down from hill mines. A mixture of people and machinery used to sort the coal. We got a tour of the mine, or the parts that weren’t closed off, and then we climbed the world’s largest dinosaur, it was huge.


Afterwards we ate at a delicious Athenian restaurant – I had Souvlaki. Then we went to the hotel and slept. In the morning we packed and left. ¬†I had a good time in Drumheller, it was an experience i won’t soon forget.


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