our trip to Cuba

In Cuba, me and my mom visited this old fortress which was used to attack Pirates and  in the Cuban revolution +a bunch of other things.

Here are some swords used by generals.

Here is a fancy chair, a throne of some sort.

A cannonball delivery service.

Dominga Moncada a fighter here lived to the age of 95.

Nice view up here in the battlements.

Pictures of pirates (Sorry no pictures of you Dave Cormier.)

Just being a tipycal general.

Help!!! Its the dread pirate Dave!!!



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2 Responses to our trip to Cuba

  1. Lawrie says:

    Very cool blog O. I think if Dave had long hair he’d look like the old pirate in the middle. In case you were interested we rescued Cuba from those pesky Spanish in 1762. 😉

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