Freddie and the New Chef

be prepared for an alive foot.

I came 2nd in the Island literary awards this year with this story.

here is the story…

At Phinley’s Diner in Stratford PEI, there was a very busy kitchen.

Inside that very busy kitchen was a foot.

The foot was alive and he could talk. The foot’s name was Freddie. He had two little arms, and he was very good at chopping. Freddie had worked at Phinley’s Diner for 5 years.

He liked to say “I’m Freddie from Phinley’s.” He said it very loud, because he was so small he had to have a loud voice

Freddie had two eyes at the top of his ankle. He couldn’t reach his toenails so he had super-long toenail clippers. He liked to wear socks. He would wear one big human-sized sock and cut out holes for his arms and mouth. He had a long beard but he kept that under the sock especially at work.

Freddie had been raised in a family of feet and he lived in a big cardboard box in the restaurant. He kept it very clean. He slept on a book, with blankets.

One day, there was a crazy soup contest in PEI. All the restaurants were excited. Phinley’s hired a new chef to make a crazy crazy soup.

When the new chef came to Phinley’s for the first time, she didn’t know that a foot worked in the kitchen.

The new chef came into the kitchen and saw onions on a cutting board. Underneath the cutting board was Freddie. Just his eyes were showing.

The new chef picked up the cutting board and saw a foot sitting there.

She was scared and surprised.

“AAAAAAH! A foot!!!!” she cried. “I don’t want to make foot soup!!!!”

The new chef fell backwards with the cutting board. The onions fell off the cutting board into her eyes. She couldn’t see and she kicked around on the floor and hit the counter. Spice jars and stuff fell off the shelves onto the counter, all around Freddie. The jars spilled open. Freddie was covered in ginger, dill, and nutmeg.

Freddie tried to hop up and down and blow off the spices but they were too many so he closed his eyes and mouth.

The new chef got up. All she saw now was a big pile of spices. She thought, “why don’t I put that in my crazy soup?” So she got her pot and started to sweep the spices into the pot.

Freddie was being swept off the counter. He opened his eyes and realized he was about to become soup! Freddie reached out his arms and grabbed onto the chef’s bracelet. The spices fell into the pot.

“Hey stop!!!” shouted Freddie in his loud voice.

“AAAAAHHH!!!!!” said the new chef again.

“It’s okay,” said Freddie. “I work here. I’m Freddie from Phinley’s. Could you put me down, please?”

“AAAAHHHH!!!!” said the new chef for the third time. She tried to drop Freddie over the garbage but he wouldn’t let go.

“Hey stop there, you!” said Freddie. Then he used his super loud voice and shouted to the rest of the kitchen “HEY GUYS! SOMEBODY STOP THE NEW CHEF!!!!!!!”

The chief chef came running. “This is Freddie,” the chief chef said, grabbing Freddie and putting him safely on the counter. “He works here. Don’t make soup with him!”

“AAAAAHHHH!!!!!” said the new chef for the fourth time.

“Stop that shouting.” said Freddie. “Calm down. I’m just little and I’m a foot. But I can work and do everything that you can do. I like to read, and I can always read in bed, because I use a book for my bed! Isn’t that cool?”

The new chef was surprised. She had never met an alive foot before. “I thought you were a foot for my crazy soup,” she said. “I don’t like to make foot soup.”

“I wouldn’t like foot soup either” said Freddie. “Let’s make crazy onion soup instead. I have the perfect recipe.”

So they started chopping, boiling and measuring ingredients together, and after that, the new chef and the alive foot became a soup team.

When the crazy soup contest happened, they won first place and Phinley’s became famous all over the world.

The End.


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7 Responses to Freddie and the New Chef

  1. Neil says:

    Hi, Oscar — I’ve been reading blogs all day and this was the best story I read today. There was drama, action, and humor in this story. And I really liked the main character. Keep on writing. The more you do it the better you will become, just like in sports. You have a natural talent for storytelling. Writing stories will allow you to imagine all sorts of worlds and adventures, just like you did with your chef who is a foot. Thank you for sharing your story and congratulations!

  2. Theresa and Rene Cormier says:

    Hi Oscar, What a great story, Grandpapa and I found your story interesting and hopefully you’ll keep writing more of them We are very proud of you and all that you do!! We send hugs and kisses!! See you soon!!

  3. Jean Doucet says:

    What a great story. You have great imagination, and, you make the reader want to hunt out that famous Phiney’s restaurant. Fun reading. You certainly did deserve a prize, Oscar !!!

  4. Elan Morgan says:

    I love it!

  5. Debbie S. says:

    The story of FFFFreddy the FFFFFoot from PPPPPHHHHiney’s should have come in FFFFFirst! :0 Way to go, O!

  6. alejna says:

    This was such a great story! You had me on the edge of my seat worrying about the fate of Freddie the foot. So glad that he didn’t get made into soup. This was very fun and very entertaining. I look forward to reading more of your writing, Oscar!

  7. Marc Doucet says:

    Most interesting story I’ve read in a long time. Great Job Oscar !!!

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