the party

once upon a time, there was a ginormous boat. with a whole bunch of animals who needed to get on and a guy named Noah.

once the animals got on the boat, they saw another boat. it had a family of people in it. there was a baby and a child and a mother.

the people waved at the animals and at Noah.

there was a big wave and a terrible boat accident. the family of people all fell in the water.

then two mermaids who were swimming by saved the people by lifting the boat for them!

then one of the mermaids drove the family’s boat so the mom could have a break, and the other mermaid went to meet Noah and the animals and they hooked the two boats together. the kid and animals made a waterslide.

then they all had a big party.

by Sosi & Oscar. THE END.


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3 Responses to the party

  1. …and then after the party a great big friendly whale came up and scooped them all up in its mouth and took them for a whale-surfing ride all the way to China and back and it was the best ever.

    (What a great story, Oscar and Sosi! I couldn’t resist adding a bit because I want a Chapter Two!)

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  3. Sock Girl says:

    This was one of my favourite stories EVER!!

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