This kraken is eating a man.

oscar kraken no1

And breathing fire at the same time. Kraken are veery scary. oScAr thank you.  bye

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Human, I think.
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6 Responses to kraken

  1. Nannie says:

    nice Kraken Oscar!

  2. Alison says:

    Well, hi Oscar!

    Do you mind if I use this picture as the desktop background for my laptop? It is so terrific. If anyone ever stole my laptop, they’d be too frightened to use it because the picture is so scary.

    Your reader all the way from Tasmania, Australia

  3. oscar says:

    Alison that would be great.


  4. Jennifer Doucet says:

    Hi Oscar!

    I have also started to use this as one of my rotating desktop backgrounds. I love all the different colours you used. My favourite is the purple colour – which one is yours?

  5. Danielle Doucet says:

    Hi Oscar,

    I agree. Fire breathing Kraken are very scary!

  6. Ben says:

    I like your picture!

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