Charlottetownosaurus – episode 1


charlottetownosaurus1Today on #ds106radio Oscar talks about Brachiosaurus, allosaurus, quetzalcoatlus and elasmosaurus.

Both hosts almost get eaten near the end… but end up being friends.


About oscar

Human, I think.
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7 Responses to Charlottetownosaurus – episode 1

  1. Cynthia says:

    great podcast Oscar. You sure do know your dinosaurs. Great spelling too!! Can’t wait for your next episode.

  2. Gary says:

    If Oscar and family ever want to visit SE Alberta where there are many dinosaur fossils to see, I am sure we could find a place for them to stay and maybe even some human guides.

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  4. Quadelle says:

    Wow, Oscar I’m older than your parents and I learned LOTS today about dinosaurs that I never knew before.

    Thanks for sharing your expertise!

  5. Hey Oscar – you rock man! You are awesome!!

    Is it possible that your deep knowledge of dinosaurs is due to the dino books I read to you last May? (remember, the dino with the running shoes and the arms too short to tie them?).

  6. Click says:

    I think these broccoliosaurs would be eaten by allieosaurs. And if these
    big guys started to play they would step on the poor miceosaurs.
    I hope the mouseosaurs could fly away with the trithisosaurs

  7. Theresa Cormier says:

    Congratulations Oscar on your 1st show!! Grandpapa and Grandmaman were so proud of your broadcast!! We enjoyed your show!! Keep up the good work!!

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