Arrow Land

Arrow Land, originally uploaded by Oscarcormier.

Is where you see arrows, they point which way to go, they’re very helpful to show your way home and the last thing about arrow land is that it’s unusual.

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Human, I think.
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4 Responses to Arrow Land

  1. Aidan says:

    I would like to follow the yellow arrows. Where do they lead? I would like to know what the big green space is too. I like looking at your pictures. Please keep making more pictures.
    From Aidan

  2. oscar says:

    The yellow arrows show you where a beaver’s house is…

    And the green space is grass.

    thanks for commenting aidan.

  3. Click says:

    I think one of those arrows is pointing to a mouse.
    A green mouse.

  4. Theresa Cormier says:

    Oscar you have made a better map then Grandmaman did when she made you a treasure map last summer. Great colors!!

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