grasslands, originally uploaded by Oscarcormier.

Animals hide in the ground, Oscar says, so meat-eaters don’t get them. And doggies dig underground for bones. Sometimes in the grasslands.

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Human, I think.
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  1. Debbie S. says:

    Oscar, I love how you used lots of different dots of color to make a bigger picture. Did you know there is a name that artists use for that kind of work? It’s called pointillism! You can use fat markers to make a picture like that with regular paper, but crayons don’t work as well. The bright blue and the purple are my favorite colors you used in this picture.

  2. Sock Girl says:

    Oscar, I love your art work! It was very colourful and made me smile. And the information on grasslands might be very helpful some day. I love your blog, and I hope you post more things soon.

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  4. oscar says:

    Oscar says to Debbie: I don’t have any fat markers.

    Mommy says to Oscar: maybe we can get some books at the library about pointillism.

    Oscar says to Mommy: I don’t have any fat markers.

  5. Theresa Cormier says:

    Oscar, what a great work of art!! I can imagine all the animals living in the photo!! great job!!

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