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the party

once upon a time, there was a ginormous boat. with a whole bunch of animals who needed to get on and a guy named Noah. once the animals got on the boat, they saw another boat. it had a family … Continue reading

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finding the castle

there were 4 explorers. they found a castle. they checked it out. they were happy and hi fived. they went to find stuff. they found a lantern, and bones, and a scorpion, and a tarantula. and treasure. then they saw … Continue reading

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how to use a computer

i am 6 years old, this is how i use my  computer . i blog i tweet i make pictures. i play chess what do you do?

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my house

my house is green. i have lots of Toys. i have 3 decks. i have 2 couches but i can only jump      on 1. i am showing my nannie how to blog. thank you OsCaR

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This kraken is eating a man. And breathing fire at the same time. Kraken are veery scary. oScAr thank you.  bye

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stars are suns. they are not in our solar system, but they look like they are. photo courtesy of these rockets will go to space and maybe to the moon.  

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my first post

me and my sister and my dad.

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Oscar and Dad identify fossils

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Charlottetownosaurus episode 2

Today we did a bit more history on the dinosaurs, when they lived and what a fossil is. We also talked about the stegosaurus family and the ankylosaurus family. charlottetownosaurus2

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Charlottetownosaurus – episode 1

charlottetownosaurus1 charlottetownosaurus1Today on #ds106radio Oscar talks about Brachiosaurus, allosaurus, quetzalcoatlus and elasmosaurus. Both hosts almost get eaten near the end… but end up being friends.

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