Hi everybody I’ve just come back from Drumheller and it is amazing. Me and my mom are on a trip to Alberta and it is awesome.

We landed in Calgary after flying til almost the time I wake up at home. We rented a car and drove to the Badlands, specifically Drumheller. The first thing we did in Drumheller was the Royal Tyrrell Museum.


We saw so many fossils. We saw a Stegosaurus and a  pachycephelosaurus and a fish inside of a fish (see above). And there were also cool globes that show you what the world used to look like. Then we went to our motel it was a super 8 motel it had an awesome pool with a hot tub and a waterslide. The next day we went to the world’s smallest church – it only sat 6 people!


Next I climbed a muddy hill it was very slippery.


Then we went to a fossil shop museum. They had a climbing wall, a megalodon mouth and an animatronic T Rex!


After that we went to the hoodoo’s and I climbed a huge cliff right up to the sandy part up top.


Then we went to the Atlas coal mine #3, which has North America’s only remaining wooden tipple, which is a large wooden structure with a large conveyer belt which moves the coal down from hill mines. A mixture of people and machinery used to sort the coal. We got a tour of the mine, or the parts that weren’t closed off, and then we climbed the world’s largest dinosaur, it was huge.


Afterwards we ate at a delicious Athenian restaurant – I had Souvlaki. Then we went to the hotel and slept. In the morning we packed and left.  I had a good time in Drumheller, it was an experience i won’t soon forget.


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Ma groupe de music


J’ai comencer une groupe de music qui s’apelle les Vikings. Les personnes dans la groupe de music est moi et Robbie. On a fait 2 chansons  qui s’apelle “fight the night & Finding Greenland” Ce son des très belles chansons je pense. On ecris une nouvelle chanson tout le temps.


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freddie and the crazy soup

Well…as you probably remember Freddie the foot and the new chef were making onion soup. they followed the cook book 100 amazing onion soups™! here is there recipe. WARNING DO NOT COPY RECIPE!


200 chopped onions

1 litre of tasmanian devil milk from a hypnotized tasmanian devil

1 cup of icing sugar

2 conpsognathus femurs

90 carrots


2 cups of chicken broth

stir and blend for 30 minutes,then heat in microwave for 2 minutes and serve hot.


100 amazing onion soups™




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our trip to Cuba

In Cuba, me and my mom visited this old fortress which was used to attack Pirates and  in the Cuban revolution +a bunch of other things.

Here are some swords used by generals.

Here is a fancy chair, a throne of some sort.

A cannonball delivery service.

Dominga Moncada a fighter here lived to the age of 95.

Nice view up here in the battlements.

Pictures of pirates (Sorry no pictures of you Dave Cormier.)

Just being a tipycal general.

Help!!! Its the dread pirate Dave!!!



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Amazing Animals

Last month, I was in Disney World with my family. My favourite kingdom was probably Animal Kingdom and my favourite ride there was the Kilimanjaro Safari.


First we saw a white rhinoceros grazing by a lake.  It was HUGE!


Then  we saw a bunch of huge hippos napping.  They weighed 5,000 pounds! I did not weigh them – our guide on the safari told us.  they can nap underwater.



Then we saw Nile crocodiles.  They were scary! (fact: An underground river underneath the Nile carries 4 times more water!)




After that we saw a warthog, just standing there. It was strange.


Then we saw a zebra up close. I wanted to touch it.


After the zebra we saw a lion. It was very majestic. I felt lucky to have seen it.


This is a relative of a cow, our guide told us. They had huge horns.


After that we saw two elephants under a baobab tree. The baobab tree was huge and amazing.


These were some of the animals i saw on the the Kilimanjaro safari.

bye bye


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rock facts

I am home today and I am learning about rocks. I got a rock collection from Scholastic and I’ve collected some in Belledune New Brunswick.

These are amber, amazonite, and tiger eye.

Amber is a sedimentary rock it’s colour range is -yellow, green, red, blue,  brown, or white it can be found worldwide but mostly in the Baltic Sea area. It’s between Sweden and Estonia in europe.

Amazonite is a mineral it’s colour range is Green, yellow-green, and blue-green it can be found in Asia and Africa.

Tiger’s eye is a minaral it’s Colour range is Brown, orange yellow and black it is found in south Africa.

Thank you for reading. Til next time!



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interview with a king

Q: Hello. Who are you?

A: my name is william the IV king of england. I am 42 years old.


Q: when were you born?


Q: Where were you born?

A:in york.

Q: How did you get here to Prince Edward Island?

A:by ship of course.

Q: What is your horse’s name?

A: james.

Q: Where is your castle?

A: in york. It is made of sandstone. The cannons are made of glass. hahaha.

Bye bye

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Freddie and the New Chef

be prepared for an alive foot.

I came 2nd in the Island literary awards this year with this story.

here is the story…

At Phinley’s Diner in Stratford PEI, there was a very busy kitchen.

Inside that very busy kitchen was a foot.

The foot was alive and he could talk. The foot’s name was Freddie. He had two little arms, and he was very good at chopping. Freddie had worked at Phinley’s Diner for 5 years.

He liked to say “I’m Freddie from Phinley’s.” He said it very loud, because he was so small he had to have a loud voice

Freddie had two eyes at the top of his ankle. He couldn’t reach his toenails so he had super-long toenail clippers. He liked to wear socks. He would wear one big human-sized sock and cut out holes for his arms and mouth. He had a long beard but he kept that under the sock especially at work.

Freddie had been raised in a family of feet and he lived in a big cardboard box in the restaurant. He kept it very clean. He slept on a book, with blankets.

One day, there was a crazy soup contest in PEI. All the restaurants were excited. Phinley’s hired a new chef to make a crazy crazy soup.

When the new chef came to Phinley’s for the first time, she didn’t know that a foot worked in the kitchen.

The new chef came into the kitchen and saw onions on a cutting board. Underneath the cutting board was Freddie. Just his eyes were showing.

The new chef picked up the cutting board and saw a foot sitting there.

She was scared and surprised.

“AAAAAAH! A foot!!!!” she cried. “I don’t want to make foot soup!!!!”

The new chef fell backwards with the cutting board. The onions fell off the cutting board into her eyes. She couldn’t see and she kicked around on the floor and hit the counter. Spice jars and stuff fell off the shelves onto the counter, all around Freddie. The jars spilled open. Freddie was covered in ginger, dill, and nutmeg.

Freddie tried to hop up and down and blow off the spices but they were too many so he closed his eyes and mouth.

The new chef got up. All she saw now was a big pile of spices. She thought, “why don’t I put that in my crazy soup?” So she got her pot and started to sweep the spices into the pot.

Freddie was being swept off the counter. He opened his eyes and realized he was about to become soup! Freddie reached out his arms and grabbed onto the chef’s bracelet. The spices fell into the pot.

“Hey stop!!!” shouted Freddie in his loud voice.

“AAAAAHHH!!!!!” said the new chef again.

“It’s okay,” said Freddie. “I work here. I’m Freddie from Phinley’s. Could you put me down, please?”

“AAAAHHHH!!!!” said the new chef for the third time. She tried to drop Freddie over the garbage but he wouldn’t let go.

“Hey stop there, you!” said Freddie. Then he used his super loud voice and shouted to the rest of the kitchen “HEY GUYS! SOMEBODY STOP THE NEW CHEF!!!!!!!”

The chief chef came running. “This is Freddie,” the chief chef said, grabbing Freddie and putting him safely on the counter. “He works here. Don’t make soup with him!”

“AAAAAHHHH!!!!!” said the new chef for the fourth time.

“Stop that shouting.” said Freddie. “Calm down. I’m just little and I’m a foot. But I can work and do everything that you can do. I like to read, and I can always read in bed, because I use a book for my bed! Isn’t that cool?”

The new chef was surprised. She had never met an alive foot before. “I thought you were a foot for my crazy soup,” she said. “I don’t like to make foot soup.”

“I wouldn’t like foot soup either” said Freddie. “Let’s make crazy onion soup instead. I have the perfect recipe.”

So they started chopping, boiling and measuring ingredients together, and after that, the new chef and the alive foot became a soup team.

When the crazy soup contest happened, they won first place and Phinley’s became famous all over the world.

The End.


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What I Learned In Evangeline

This is what I Learned from being a back stage blogger for Evangeline.

I learned some facts. I learned Confederation Centre has eight entrances and everything gets shipped in in the shipping dock.

I learned a lot about jobs and working hard. Actors and directors and music directors and everybody works really hard. Acadian’s worked hard too. I learned Acadian towns had a blacksmith. Acadian’s had a hard life because the british put them on boats and sent them away from their homes and their land at Grand Pre. They had to try to find their families. They were scared except Evangeline because she just wanted to see Gabriel and she didn’t give up. She swam in the ocean and it looked like she was dead but she was not.

credit: Louise Vessey

credit: Louise Vessey

Evangeline will teach you a lot about Acadians. I learned that being an Acadian is cool. They are nice and like to sing and work hard and they don’t give up.

I loved being a backstage blogger. My favorite thing was meeting the kids in the play and hanging out backstage. They stay in the green room when they aren’t on the stage. They play chesscheckers. Micah is one of the kids in the play and he goes to my school and theatre camp and I liked getting to know him. This is us today.

Screen shot 2013-07-12 at 4.41.31 PM

Evangeline is really amazing and lots of people are liking it. I get to see the whole play soon and I’m really excited!!!!!


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lights and action!!!!

Evangeline opens tomorrow night and people from the public get to come see it. We got to go backstage and see it last night for the dress rehersal though!

We didn’t see the whole thing but everybody was in costume and the orcestra was there and it was only us and the people who work in the show. I love being a backstage blogger!!!! My mom and I hung out with the kids who are in the play too while they were in their costumes. One guy Nick has a costume like Robin Hood.

I will tell you about the show next time when you can see it too. Today I will tell you my favourite thing about going backstage and learning about plays. It is the lights because the whole play is different with the lights and they help tell the story. The best thing i saw as the full light set and the controls becase I wanted to know how they can all turn on at the same time?

Renee does lights at The Conferedaton Centre and she is very nice. Renee comes from Toronto and she has a 9 yr old boy who is having a Lego birthday party. I met her at one of our first visits and she told me there were 205 light cues which are when they change the lights and tat is one less than the bones in the human body. but then at the dress rehearsal she told me they changed that and there are 225 cues because when you are making a play you change things. There are als 70 follow spots which are like giant flashlights on people.

I saw an actor standing on the stage and he had three shadows and i asked Renee and she said it’s because there are 3 projectors working a t the same time so i siad what if there was 8 million projectors but she said there’s not enough room.

there are big lights as tall as me hanging from the ceiling with the lights that look like giant taco chips. It is computers that change colours mostly.

5 people work on the lights.

I also got to see Reza in the orchestra pit which is below the stage and in the play it looks like some actors go down there. I got to see the muskets finally!!

Everybody is nice and I hope we go back to see the whole show!!!!


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